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Leak Repairs From Our Surprise, AZ Plumbing Team

One of the more common problems that pipe repairs from our plumbing teamplumbers in Surprise, AZ deal with is leaky pipes. Most pipes leak at the joints or couplings from a poor seal. Other times, older pipes can corrode from the inside and break through (this is more common in galvanized steel that is over 40 years old). If your pipes have sprung a leak it is important to call a certified plumber to inspect the entire system. A single leaky pipe could be a symptom of a much larger problem.

If the leak occurred after a period of shaking in the pipes, there may be a pressure problem in your entire system. Even if you manage to patch the pipe with a compression patch, multiple leaks may appear within days and you will only have stalled the inevitable.

If the leak was due to corrosion, the entire piping system will probably have to be replaced. The interior of the pipes are probably corroded throughout. Repiping is the only option.

PEX Plumbing Solutions From Our Surprise Plumbing Technicians

pex and re-piping jobs are what our plumbers are good atIf you have a new PEX system and the piping was subjected to freezing temperatures, crack may have formed on the interior lining of the pipe and caused a leak of undetermined origin, often presenting itself at the nearest coupling.

Other pipe leaks can be caused by closed system problems such as high pH values in the water, over-oxygenation, high temperatures or chemicals in the water supply.

The right call is always to bring in a professional to inspect your pipes and take care of the problem. A burst pipe can literally cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage and leave your home a disaster. One of our Surprise, AZ plumbing associates could save you from dealing with a problem on this scale.